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Religious Ukrainian - Russian war

When I typed in the search engine "orthodox priest killed at the east of Ukraine" I got a bunch of links on Russian sites .ru and .su telling us that several Orthodox priests was killed at Ukraine:
Third Orthodox priest was killed at Ukraine
Articles imply that priests was killed by Ukrainians.

orthodox priest killed in Ukrainian Russia war

However I been able to find Ukrainian sites (.ua) telling about catholic priests killings:
Two killed priests discovered

I change search condition by adding word "protestants":
Four evangelical workers killed by separatists in city Slovyansk

Russian media emphasize death of orthodox priests, but "forget" to mention about protestants priest death in the best traditions of Goebbels - Russian propaganda.

By accident I heard about lawsuit against Jehovah Witness seсt in Russia. Taganrog Court Convicts Jehovah’s Witnesses for 5.5 years of jail time.
Taganrog Court Convicts Jehovah’s Witnesses for Practicing Their Faith
It's amazing, keeping in mind, that for killing (by accident) you will get probation time in Russia. For example if somebody will kill a person in drunk fist fighting, then he will get 1-2 years of probation. This is why many people call Russa Mordor. But let's not talk about this. What is more interesting is the location of that Taganrog city.
It's located in Rostov area not far from Ukrainian border and military base where Russia train terrorists that will be soon sent in Ukraine to play role of "separatists".

Russian-Ukrainian War map

Members of Jehovah Witness group in Russa are being attacked and robbed. Police ignore it:
jw beaten up

Many members of protestant religions, or let's say non-orthodox religions are attacked and robbed, and police ignore it. I'm reminding that in Russia you are getting probation for killing in fist fight.
Members of Pentecostal church are beaten up at the south of Moscow

I believe that Russia trying to start religious war on the East of Ukraine. It's more one sided war, where Russia is aggressor, promoting Russian Orthodox Church. So it is Russian Orthodox Crusade vs any other churches (Ukrainian Orthodox, Catholics, protestants etc.). Luckily we don't have many Muslims in this area. Purpose is to create destabilization in attempt to obtain part of Ukrainian territory.
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